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Mission and Vision

At Icelandic Odyssey, our mission is to be the ultimate online resource for everything related to Iceland. We aim to provide comprehensive and accurate information for travelers seeking to explore this awe-inspiring country unreservedly. Our vision is to create a community of passionate adventurers who appreciate the unique rugged beauty and untamed landscapes that Iceland offers.


Icelandic Odyssey was founded in 2012 by Julie Cabrera, an explorer and travel enthusiast determined to showcase the wonders of Iceland to the world. Having fallen in love with the country during a backpacking trip, Julie realized the need for a reliable online platform that could guide visitors through their Icelandic odyssey. Inspired by her own life-changing experiences, she embarked on a mission to share her insider knowledge and make Iceland more accessible to both novice and seasoned travelers.

Founder – Julie Cabrera

Julie Cabrera, the creative force behind Icelandic Odyssey, is not only an avid adventurer but also a seasoned travel writer. With a wealth of personal experiences and a deep understanding of Iceland’s distinctive natural wonders, she brings a unique perspective to the content she creates and curates on the website. Driven by her passion for facilitating transformative journeys, Julie believes in sharing hidden gems and encouraging responsible exploration in order to preserve the untainted beauty of Iceland.

The Website’s Objective

Icelandic Odyssey was born out of the desire to serve as a virtual guidebook, bridging the gap between travelers and Iceland’s remarkably diverse landscapes and cultural heritage. Our website strives to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information on popular tourist attractions, off-the-beaten-path destinations, thrilling outdoor activities, and rich cultural experiences. Moreover, we aim to raise awareness about sustainable and responsible travel practices which ensure the preservation of Iceland’s delicate ecosystems and local traditions.

Target Audience

The Icelandic Odyssey website caters to a broad audience of travelers who have been captivated by the allure of Iceland. From intrepid nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers yearning for adrenaline-pumping excursions to culture enthusiasts eager to delve into the deeper aspects of Icelandic life, our content addresses the interests of all discerning travelers.

Unique Value

We take immense pride in the fact that Icelandic Odyssey is backed by a dedicated team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors. Together, we pour our collective expertise into every piece of content, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and a fresh perspective. By sharing authentic stories, insider tips, and astutely researched information, we empower travelers to make the most of their Icelandic odyssey, while fostering an appreciation of the country’s magnificent natural wonders.

Encompassing years of exploration, knowledge, and a relentless love for Iceland, the Icelandic Odyssey website goes beyond being just a reliable guidebook. It is a passionate endeavor to inspire and enable visitors to capture the essence of this Nordic paradise in their own remarkable journeys. Discover Iceland with us and embark on an adventure that will forever change your perspective on this magical land.

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